Jonathan Cody York (b. 1978) is an American contemporary visual artist known for his exploration in color, space and design. His multi-layered technique of brushing, pouring, scraping and spraying welcomes viewers to employ their imagination and thought as they enter in to the realm of the canvas. “My emphasis is on the way colors, patterns and textures layer and effect one another” says the artist, “much like the way these similarities are often found in nature.” Working mainly in acrylic, Cody’s paintings delve in to the complexity, intricacy, beauty and mystery of the human spirit and our universe inspired by his love of nature, faith and exploring new territory. He has developed a deep admiration for art and the revelation process of painting itself. “Art provides a vehicle that allows me to explore and abstract the layers of the human condition with all of my heart and soul.” He adds, “a large part of what inspires me to work is the continual passion to create, and the hope that through my exposures I can connect, inspire and help others.” Today his artworks are held in private collections in North America and Europe. He currently lives and works in Omaha, NE.