Don Shepard Photography


(b. 1978) Jonathan Cody York - Helena, Montana

 Cody York is an American visual artist currently living and working in Omaha, Nebraska. Highly passionate about music, Cody grew up in Colorado performing, recording, engineering and touring as a drummer both locally and internationally. Art always had a place in his heart and would occasionally surface in the form of DIY album covers, t-shirt designs, band posters and urban artwork.

 While working as a live audiovisual engineer in Los Angeles, Cody went through a traumatic period in his life and rediscovered art as a form of therapy. Working mainly in acrylic, Cody’s paintings celebrate the complexity, intricacy, beauty and mystery of our universe inspired by his love of nature, faith and exploring new territory.

 He has developed a deep admiration for art and the revelation process of painting itself. His varied techniques and form welcome viewers to employ their imagination and thought as they enter in to the realm of the canvas.